FAQ’s Tinna February 6, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

An approach to sustainable development, the Circular Economy is a concept that replaces the traditional take-make-dispose approach and with a system that is inherently regenerative by design. Advocating for the radical redesign of how we produce and deliver products and services, the Circular Economy challenges the notion that materials, products and resources can have an ‘end-of-life’. It proposes that by adopting novel business models, renewable energy and strategies such as re-use, repair, refurbish or recycle, resources can be looped back into the system acting a feedstock for future products and materials. This will help to not only design out waste, but also maximize the economic and environmental value of these resources, ultimately contributing towards improving sustainable development and reducing climate change.​

Our aim is to support SMEs within the region of West Wales and the Valleys to explore integrating sustainability and circular economy principles into their businesses. So, we can help with activities such as, design and develop new circular products, develop roadmaps, explore circular business models, or access training and education on these topics.

Overall being more circular can help to improve resilience by reducing resource dependency, lower waste rates in your operations, stay ahead of environmental regulation and potentially capitalise on shifting consumer preferences towards more sustainable products. Read our blog post here to find out more on what other benefits being circular can offer organisations.

If you are an SME based in Wales or the surrounding areas please do still get in contact, as while engaging with businesses outside of these regions will not count towards our metrics, we are committed to driving the transition to a circular economy in Wales and want to talk with any business with that shared goal.

We will start by contacting you by email to arrange a follow up phone call or online meeting to discuss your needs and how we might support your exploration of circular strategies. In-person meetings maybe be arranged later depending on Covid-19 travel restrictions and the needs of the engagement activity.

Of course! We are here to support you, so at any time during discussions you are able to stop engaging with the project and we will remove your organisation from our records

We want to work across multiple sectors and disciplines that wish to explore circularity and sustainability so we can identify synergies and opportunities and for all stakeholders in the region, so please do get in contact!