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Get Involved Tinna October 12, 2021

Get Involved

The support we offer to businesses in West Wales and the Valleys

Business Outreach

An important goal of the Circular Revolution project is to engage and support businesses within the region of West Wales and the Valleys in their journey towards adopting circular economy principles.
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Why are we focusing on businesses in the West Wales and the Valleys region?

Circular Revolution is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which specifically aims to increase research & innovation and competitiveness for businesses in West Wales and the Valleys region. This targeted approach has enabled the Circular Revolution to develop and provide comprehensive support for a significant number of Welsh businesses facing issues around unsustainable practices and activities.
Over 250 people have engaged with the Circular Economy through the Circular Revolution across six public events, with over sixty businesses reached in West Wales & the Valleys. 16 collaborative projects have been undertaken, developing circular products,
processes and services.

– 11 new-to-firm; 6 new-to-market


– 4 full-time / part-time jobs created


– Unlocking over £50,0000 private investment


How can your business get involved?

Led by the University of Exeter and Swansea University, Circular Revolution delivers an outreach programme that aims not only to stimulate activity and knowledge-sharing around the Circular Economy, but also identifies and supports companies that benefit from the application of circular thinking within their own products/services, processes and business models.