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Dr Indirajith Vijai Ananth



Swansea University

Tag: Swansea University, Academic, Blockchain
Dr Indirajith Vijai Ananth is a research assistant in Computer Science at Swansea University focusing on blockchains.  Indirajith has been working on various blockchain projects as part of his role at Swansea University. His interests are in blockchain solutions for enterprises and he focuses mainly on private, permissioned blockchain solutions such as Hyperledger.
He has his PhD degree from the University of Rome TorVergata. During his studies, he has also done an internship with the Linux Foundation in the Hyperledger project. He comes from a telecommunications background and is now working with blockchain technologies.
Indirajith’s role in the Circular Revolution project is to design, develop and implement the core blockchain infrastructure. It includes deployment and maintenance of the blockchain including writing smart contracts implementing complex business transaction logic into chain code/ smart contract.