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Prof Allen Alexander




Tag: University of Exeter, Academic, Business Outreach

Professor Allen Alexander is a senior researcher in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter Business School in Cornwall, within their Centre for the Circular Economy. His research focuses on strategic knowledge management and the role that knowledge can play in developing enhanced commercial capability and as a source of innovation.His recent studies have explored open innovation, innovation Eco-systems and regional systems of innovation and currently he is working on exploring circular innovations, and the role that they can play in transitioning toward Circular Economy. He has also extensively explored the role that universities and academics play in shaping corporate innovation and entrepreneurship practices.

In any transition that has an economic dimension, business will play a huge role and it is the understanding of the practical tools and activities that businesses can use to move toward more circular products and service, that Allen willcontribute into Circular Revolution,particularly inthe business outreachactivitiesprovidingCircularEconomystrategic support & operational guidance.