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Prof. Arnold Beckmann



Swansea University

Tag: Swansea University, Academic, Blockchain

Prof. Arnold Beckmann is co-leading Swansea University’s Computational Foundry flagship project, which aims at interdisciplinary research centred around core Swansea Computer Science expertise including Human-Computer-Interaction, DataScience, Cyber Security and Fundamentals of Computing, to create a beacon for computing in Wales and beyond. Arnold has been a recipient of Leopoldina and Marie-Curie academic fellowships, his research has been funded by EPSRC, the Royal Society, the German DFG and the Austrian FWF. He has made notable contributions in fundamentals of Computer Science. Arnold e is founding member of Swansea Blockchain Lab, and involved in several projects that explore the research foundations of blockchain technology. Arnold is the academic leadforthe blockchain spine design Pilot Project providing specialist blockchain strategic support & operational guidance.