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Spyridonas Georgiou



Swansea University

Tag: Swansea University, Academic, Legal

Spyridonas Georgiou is a research assistant within the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law at Swansea University focusing on the applications of legal technology and especially on the use of smart contracts in a blockchain context. He has previously worked on a project where he conducted innovative research around the legal requirements surrounding the development and operation of a blockchain platform which uses smart contracts to conclude licensing transactions. He holds a postgraduate degree in Legal Tech where he specialised on how technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain impact legal services, explored the legal and regulatory challenges associated with emerging technologies and gained expertise on digital intellectual property, computational thinking, and legal tech entrepreneurship. He has both a mathematical and legal educational background, so he has researched around the legal status of blockchain-based smart contracts from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. His role at the Circular Revolution project is to research into open innovation models within a circular economy context and to contribute to on-going research into the use of smart contracts and blockchain technologies to enable collaboration between commercial partners to maximise the opportunities afforded by a circular economy relationship.