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Outreach Case Study – Airbond Roland August 2, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Airbond
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Airbond - based in Pontypool, Wales - manufactures and sells specialised tools known as yarn splicers used in composites and textile industries to significantly cut down manufacturing waste and thereby improve the environmental impact of these sectors.

At a glance


  • Lack of I.P management experience
  • Lack of roadmaps for new business development
  • Under-utilised I.P & capital equipment resources


  • Developed an inhouse I.P management system
  • Alternate business models for optimum resource utilisation


Airbond needed support with investigating alternative commercialisation options for their splicers in order to increase the market uptake and thereby enable wider circular economy adoption in the composite industries.


  • Conducted multiple workshops to explore and evaluate the feasibility of IP licensing as a scale-up strategy and to help develop a prototype circular business model for commercial application.
  • Leveraged academic network to create a framework to capture
  • and commercialise the vast amount of I.P generated. Identified and supported the company in implementation of new services for diversified revenue streams through analysis of key considerations, recommendations, and routes to markets for their development.


New revenue streams Through creation of IP licensing strategies and introduction of new service verticals to the firm, multiple revenue streams have been identified and are being developed.

“The CR project has blown me away. Not only has it unlocked potential revenue streams but it has opened my eyes (and all at Airbond) at the possibilities of circular economy and how to navigate our way through it for us and our customers/suppliers to all benefit. I would wholeheartedly recommend this scheme to others.”
Carwyn Webb
Technical Director, Airbond

Airbond Workshop