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Outreach Case Study – Dant Y Llew Roland August 2, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Dant Y Llew
Dant Y Llew

Dant Y Llew is a CIC promoting a cleaner, leaner and greener community in the Valleys, Wales through a library of things, zero waste shop and a repair cafe to support individuals with disabilities to find employment.

At a glance


  • Lack of data
  • New business model
  • Fundraising inexperience


  • Gained customer segment and product offering data
  • Solidified value proposition and gained bid-writing support
  • Connection with relevant funding channels


Dant Y Llew needed support with system mapping and research into customer segments to understand how the three parts of the business worked together and how to integrate circular economy (CE) thinking into the business model. This was to help them develop a compelling business case for fundraising and launch.


  • Conducted a business modelling workshop with sessions on system mapping, primary and secondary research
  • Provided detailed guidance on bid-writing for grant applications
  • Leveraged academic, industry and government networks through a series of external discussions to support grant applications

Library of Things
Helped identify customer segments and key resources through market research, solidified the business model and the value proposition and advised on how to make governance structure more transparent.

Zero waste shop
Helped design user research and integrate learnings from similar ventures for effective launch. Identified training and certification needs for staff, advised on pricing and scaling up strategies and provided design recommendations for development of the shop.


New to market business
Successful launch of the business integrating CE models, catering to the needs of the local market after raising £194k+ in grant funding.

Employment increase
The new initiative employs 1 full time and 2 part time roles. Eight volunteering roles also created for those looking to get into paid employment in the future.

“Circular Revolution introduced us to the concept of circular economy and helped us redefine a sustainable business- this really gave meaning to our business model. They’ve helped bring clarity and structure to our thought and business processes. Thank you.”
Nova Barton
Founder, Dant Y Llew

Dant Y Llew whiteboard