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Outreach Case Study – Datrys Roland August 7, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Datrys

Datrys Ltd, based in Carmarthenshire, Wales, is an agri-food support business that specialises in the design and development of industrial food parks. They provide specialist innovation, sustainability and decarbonisation solutions with the goal of increasing the economic contribution of the food and drink sector across the UK.

At a glance


  • Limited understanding of industrial symbiosis design parameters
  • Fundraising requirements


  • Gained strategic design framework for business development and fundraising.
  • Increased understanding of industrial symbiosis design parameters.


Datrys Ltd. is currently working on a number of sustainable food processing solutions; support was provided to embed circular economy principles at the design stage of the eco-processing projects to create a compelling case to attract investment. Once realised the circular processing facilities will provide a hub for sustainable food supply chain developments in Wales.


  • Conducted a literature review into the application of industrial symbiosis in eco-industrial parks drawing on case studies.
  • Identified potential opportunities for material and energy reduction of co-located business.
  • Exploration of industry network for state of the art technology to realise research outcomes and sustainability ambitions for the Eco Food Village.


Strategy development tool
A strategic design framework encompassing Strategic Vision, Business Design and Impact Assessment was leveraged for the prescriptive design and operation of industrial symbiosis clusters.

“Circular Revolution increased our understanding of circular economy & industrial symbiosis in food parks and left us better placed for fundraising.”
Steve Peace
Business Manager, Datrys Limited