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Outreach Case Study – Dragon RS Roland August 1, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Dragon RS
Dragon RS

Dragon RS - based in Tredegar, Wales, works with major utility companies to manage the whole reverse logistics program including recycling for removed meters during the Smart Meter Roll-out.

At a glance


  • Lack of existing research on processing of the waste stream
  • Confusing regulatory landscape


  • Increased understanding of technical process design and regulatory parameters


Dragon RS needed support with the feasibility study and process design for a very hazardous and problematic waste stream associated with the Smart Meter Roll-out.


  • Leveraged academic networks to connect with research collaborators for technical feasibility trials and potential industrial partners.
  • Conducted academic literature review and marker analysus to establish industry best preactice relating to the problematic waste stream.
  • Identified and explored potential valorisation opportunities for material and energy recovered from the waste stream.


Process design & strategy Process improvements by integrating specialist equipment into the recycling process and relevant industry partnerships were made. Alternate strategies for valorising the waste stream explored and being developed further.

“Working with Circular Revolution was a joy; and if I needed to highlight anything, it would be their ability to find the best route through the maze all the way to the finish”
Byron Parfitt
Technical Manager, Dragon RS