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Outreach Case Study – EEESafe Roland August 3, 2023
Outreach Case Study – EEESafe
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EEESafe is developing an online platform for registering white goods and creating a sustainable network of repair centres to lead community development.

At a glance


  • Lack of behavioural data/insights.
  • No template for consumer research
  • Large variety of stakeholders.


  • Identified ‘behavioural archetype’ groups for targeted intervention strategies.
  • Adapted academic frameworks to create a bespoke template for future analysis.


EEESafe needed support with behavioural analysis to understand the barriers and drivers of different stakeholders engaging with their service, in order to help drive sign-ups onto their platform.


  • Conducted a stakeholder mapping exercise to understand key stakeholders for the new appliance registry.
  • Using the COM-B model of behavioural change, analysed capabilities, opportunities, motivations required of the key stakeholders engaging with the platform to establish intervention strategies.
  • Identified consumer-focussed research areas and methods to capture data effectively to provide maximum benefits to users.


Behavioural Insights
Gained better understanding of target behaviours and interventions needed for each stakeholder group.

Engagement Strategy
Developed a plan of action and strategy to make targeted, effective interventions for engagement with users of each behavioural archetype.

“Circular Revolution’s support in forming the COM-B analysis of our stakeholder model helped us in pursuing talks with the Welsh Govt. and in the soft launch of the platform.”
Robert Alexander

EEESafe Process