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Outreach Case Study – Grafmarine Energy Roland August 4, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Grafmarine Energy
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Grafmarine - with an R&D centre in Gaerwen, North Wales are developing clean energy generation and storage solutions to turn any flat surface into a power hub, thereby enabling transition of the maritime industry into a greener sector.

At a glance


  • Lack of design for CE principles
  • Lack of knowledge on CE business models


  • Gained CE design thinking framework and insights on implementation
  • Solidified CE value proposition and formulated end-of-life (EoL) strategies


Grafmarine needed support with embedding circular economy (CE) thinking within all aspects of the business before going into production of their flagship solar energy generation unit “Nanodeck”.


  • Conducted a circular design assessment to review current design considerations and their impact on the circularity of the offering.
  • Leveraged academic networks to connect with specialists in perovskites and circularity of photovoltaics.
  • Explored service-based routes of commercialisation and prototyped a Circular Economy business model.
  • Helped in framing the narrative beyond just fuel savings to emphasise the ability for service life extension of marine vessels enabled by compliance with incoming regulation.
  • Developed metrics and KPIs for tracking sustainability and circular economy implementation throughout the business.


New modular product
Successful incorporation of modularity & other CE principles in design enabling a product catering to different associated markets.

Employment increase
The business employs 1 full time role to bring the new product to the market as a result of engagement.

“Circular Revolution really helped us embed circularity in all aspects of our business - from operations to product design to the business model and in framing our unique value proposition to the maritime industry. The credibility of working with sector experts have been invaluable in bringing visibility to our business and our mission.”
Martin Leigh
Managing Director, Grafmarine

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