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Outreach Case Study – Meadow Vale Roland August 4, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Meadow Vale
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Meadow Vale Pet Paradise is a kennel and cattery who also offer a doggy day care service based in Ystalyfera, South Wales.

At a glance


  • Problematic primary waste streams going to landfill
  • Rising cost of energy


  • Gained understanding of alternate eco-friendly waste processing methods
  • Established feasibility of generating renewable energy from animal waste


Meadow Vale wanted guidance on how to reduce the environmental impact of the business by incorporation of renewable energy and how best to deal with their primary waste stream consisting of dog and cat waste, wood pellet cat litter and garden/food waste.


  • Conducted a literature review on anaerobic digestion (AD) and permaculture options for processing of dog and cat waste.
  • Identified optimal co-substrate mixes for AD feedstock and mapped the availability of organic waste streams from other local businesses.
  • Provided insights into potential community ownership models for commercialisation.
  • Leveraged academic, industry and governmental networks to support stakeholder engagement and the development of a funding application for a full-scale technical feasibility study.


Pioneering Community Project
Broad stakeholder engagement carried out with local businesses and council to secure support for a community-based AD project. Applied for funding for a full-scale technical feasibility study.

Employment generation
A new full-time member of staff appointed to enable owners to dedicate time to the ongoing development of the AD project, which in-turn will lead to more local job creation.

“We are very grateful to Circular Revolution, as without their involvement all our enquiries into AD systems suitable for our needs had either been ignored or quickly dismissed when they realised that we are a small business. There is no doubt that working with Circular Revolution gave us credibility and a voice, which we would never have been able to achieve otherwise.”
Ellen Davies
Co-proprietor, Meadow Vale

Meadow Vale