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Outreach Case Study – Solar Wheel Roland August 7, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Solar Wheel
Solar Wheel

Solar Wheel, based in Brechfa, South West Wales have been positively contributing to the wind energy industry in the UK since 1990 by providing high quality wind data through met mast installation, remote sensing and data logging capabilities.

At a glance


  • Lack of support from OEMs life due to age and data
  • High material and value leakage


  • Created a waste stream analysis framework for identifying alternate EoL applications
  • Slowing of material loops thereby stopping value leakage


Solar Wheel needed support with responsible management (other than recycling) of high value wind measuring instruments for end-of life (EoL) disposal which had reached the end of their first no longer being “bankable” for high value commercial projects.


  • Conducted a detailed waste stream analysis to understand the quantity and value of current waste streams. Provided recommendations for second-life applications for high-value components after detailed market research.
  • Leveraged academic and third sector networks to enable second-life useage of components thereby slowing down material loops.

Wind Empowerment Group An association of NGOs, research and training instuitions that supports the development of locally manufactured small wind turbines for sustainable, decentralised rural electrification. Collaboration with Solar Wheel means they have access to expensive wind data measuring equipment at no cost and can expand their work around the world.


Powering the third sector
Successful collaboration with Wind Empowerment Group - first batch of Solar Wheel’s decommissioned equipment were re-used and installed at an organic farm in Lyon, France by the group (as shown).

“Circular Revolution helped us make a positive impact around the world and keep perfectly functional equipment in use for the greater good.”
Lee Bazalgette
Force Multiplier, Solar Wheel

SolarWheel Weatherstation