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Outreach Case Study – Star Linen UK Roland August 7, 2023
Outreach Case Study – Star Linen UK
Star Linen UK

Star Linen, a carbon neutral company based in Mynach, South Wales is a leading commercial linen and bedding supplier catering to hospitality, healthcare and student housing sectors.

At a glance


  • New process to the firm/market
  • Lack of behavioural insights of stakeholders


  • Gained insight into circular process and service design
  • Developed COM-B model template for future stakeholder analysis


Star Linen needed support to launch a recyclable pillow service and carry out behavioural analysis of key stakeholders to understand their barriers and drivers in order to motivate them to change old behaviours and engage with this new service. This will help in tackling the thousands of pillows sent to landfill each year by their customers.


  • Facilitated a process mapping exercise of the pillow recycling service, establishing key stakeholders and identifying key questions and considerations relating to the circularity of both the bag and wider service design.
  • Using the COM-B model of behavioural change, analysed the capabilities, opportunities and motivations of key customers/stakeholders.
  • Identified potential behavioural intervention strategies the company could implement to drive engagement with the service.

Wind Empowerment Group An association of NGOs, research and training instuitions that supports the development of locally manufactured small wind turbines for sustainable, decentralised rural electrification. Collaboration with Solar Wheel means they have access to expensive wind data measuring equipment at no cost and can expand their work around the world.


Pioneering innovative service
Mapped out intended service design, established key stakeholders and provided suggestions to improve the circularity of this innovative new service. Gained behavioural insights and developed effective engagement strategy.

“Thank you Circular Revolution for an excellent workshop, very thought provoking and certainly a great start to our process. The templates you designed are very helpful in our analysis.”
Stephen Broadhurst
Managing Director, Star Line

Star Linen Engagement