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Outreach Case Study – The Tyf Group Roland August 7, 2023
Outreach Case Study – The Tyf Group

TYF is a Pembrokeshire based B-Corp with a ‘responsible retail’ shop offering outdoor equipment and clothing from ethical and sustainable brands, along with a ’Planetary Repair Centre’ to extend usable life of the products.

At a glance


  • Lack of data on new business models of repair centres
  • No roadmap to develop new product/processes


  • Gained insight into different repair centre models and ways for customer retention
  • Developed a framework for internal waste stream analysis and valorisation
  • Gained understanding of implementation of circular procurement


TYF needed support with understanding their current waste streams and exploring opportunities to close loops either within the group or by finding secondary uses. They also needed assistance to build a business model for self-funded growth of the Planetary Repair Centre.


  • Conducted literature and market research to understand what factors contribute to the long-term operational sustainability of independent repair centres.
  • Conducted an extensive internal audit of current waste streams which were analysed to identify alternate waste valorisation routes.
  • Developed a circular procurement baseline criteria for their supplier and brand offerings to slow down material leakage loops within the industry.


New to firm processes
Successful implementation of waste stream analysis framework within the business to track and identify waste valorisation routes. Developed a six- step circular procurement roadmap for the business.

“Circular Revolution gave us some positive and exciting ideas which is just what we need at the moment.”
Lottie Lawrence
Circular Economy Lead, TYF

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