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Outreach Case Study – The Little Pantry Roland August 7, 2023
Outreach Case Study – The Little Pantry
The Little Pantry

The Little Pantry is a family owned business in Tenby, Wales selling eco-friendly home products as a zero waste shop.

At a glance


  • Lack of design expertise
  • Low customer awareness
  • Lack of time and resources


  • Gained insights on industry best practices and design
  • Better communication of business value


The Little Pantry needed support with redesigning the refillable liquids station to be more easy-to-use and safe for the customers. They also needed support with creating a continuous engagement platform with the customers and for effectively conveying the message of environmental benefits of using reusable packaging.


  • Conducted a site survey to assess improvements, a comparative market study of design features of other zero waste shops.
  • Carried out literature survey to find out most effective communication methods for increasing customer engagement in sustainable products and services.
  • Provided design and branding recommendations for the creation of a new refillable liquid unit along with and wider service/business model ideas.


Redesigned Liquids Station
Purchase of a new liquids refill station incorporating user- centred design features.

Enhanced Signage
Effective environmental information and customer value messaging for driving demand.

Rewards and Returns Model
Enhanced customer engagement through adoption of business model recommendations, driving customer demand and profitability of the business with scope for future expansion.

“The Circular Revolution project helped me with practical solutions to refilling and also with ideas to encourage people to reuse containers. I was pleased to be a part of the project.”"
Cathy Butler
Owner, The Little Pantry

Little Pantry Shelves