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The Future-Proofing Toolkit from the Smart Innovation Gateway project Zak April 10, 2023
The Future-Proofing Toolkit from the Smart Innovation Gateway project
This is a toolkit that we have been using with some of the companies that we have worked with on the Circular Revolution website, but wanted to make sure that we disseminated this link widely, for those inside and outside our operation, to benefit from. 
The toolkit was originally designed to help businesses looking for support through Priority 1 European Regional Development Funding to contribute to the Well Being of Future Generations Act and benefit from embedding Sustainable Development, Equality & Diversity principles and support of the Welsh language in their future aspirations. 
The Toolkit companies help businesses baseline their current position and with the help of links to useful resources and case studies, identify opportunities to develop and/or improve their business and make them more resilient to changes in the future. This is a simple, effective and accessible way for businesses to assess and tackle some critical topics. 
It is worth noting that some of the links to information are no longer active, nevertheless it is still a very useful exercise to trigger engagement on these themes and there is still a treasure trove of information to be accessed. 
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